The Piano Studio – Gilad Chatsav

At The Piano Studio in Tel Aviv, students can learn to play the piano but will also be taught about harmony, music theory, develop their listening and aural skills and will be introduced to recording and editing.

Gilad Chatsav is a jazz pianist and composer, as well as an artistic director. With already four albums under his name, his compositions range in style and are influenced by different genres, including jazz, Latin, Classical and even Ladino and Israeli music.

An active member of the Israeli jazz community, he performed in many music festivals, concerts and shows and has accompanied jazz veterans such as Eli Magen, Ilan Salem, Albert Piamenta, Avi Adrian, brothers Ofer and Eyal Ganor, Mika Shatrit, Adi Renert and of course, musicians from overseas.

Gilad Chatsav is also extremely involved in promoting Israeli jazz. He was selected Ambassador to the UNESCO’s International Jazz Day (2015-2017) and has been curating and hosting a series of live house concerts, which he initiated in 2016 and which are still going strong today.

Gilad Chatsav is currently finishing off his fifth album as band leader. You may listen to it here.

Details of courses available at The Piano Studio:

  • Piano for beginners: basic technique, sheet music reading, scales, song accompaniment as well as introduction to different musical genres such as Latin, rock, pop and jazz.
  • Jazz piano for beginners: improvisation fundamentals, Swing, TIME, introduction to traditional and modal scales
  • Jazz piano for advanced: improvisation according to thematic subject, the use of mathematics and formality as a basis for improvisation, how to create solos, harmonic structures and re-harmonization, arrangements, review of modern jazz pianists, further study of chords and scales
  • Harmony, theory and keyboard: intervals, structure of chords and reversals, analysis of harmony, structure and pattern analysis, two-hands accompaniment
  • Development of jazz listening: creating and writing solos, development of rhythmic aural skills, analysis of different weights, analysis of harmony
  • Jazz Harmony: analysis of advanced chords, Upper Structures, re-harmonization, traditional and modern chords and reversals
  • Improvisation: structure (building) of improvisation in a comprehensive and chronological order, study of significant performers in history
  • Rhythm: Tempo reading, pattern analysis, Clave, Latin music, special weights

Preparatory course for academic studies including harmony, listening and aural skills development, theory.

  • Suitable for anyone who is interested in learning in an academic institution or who takes musical orientation before pursuing academic studies such as at Bar Ilan University, Thelma Yellin, Rimon School, Shtriker or any other musical Conservatorium.
  • The harmony / theory sections are designed for musicians of any instrument and for singers at all levels.
  • The course is suitable to anyone who is seeking to deepen their musical knowledge and to get acquainted with different musical concepts.
  • The course offers a varied program, including practice progressions and exercises plan.

The main subjects covered in the course are:

  • Spaces
  • Musical Notation from listening
  • Recognition of scales, intervals and chords
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Harmony and music theory

Bossa Nova and Brazilian music tempos

This course introduces the various Latin rhythms, the differences between them, its most popular types of accompaniment and improvisation.

In the course, students will learn the different styles of Brazilian music, i.e: Choro, Bossa Nova, Samba as well as get familiar with its most popular songwriters.

A previous knowledge of chords and basic improvisation is requested.

Music ensembles

Performing in a musical ensemble is essential to the student’s development as a musician. At The Piano Studio, students will be allocated several hours of practice with a variety of professional musicians as well as a final recording upon finishing the course.

Anyone who enjoys performing in an ensemble and feels he/she benefits from working in a team, please feel free to let us know.

All above-mentioned lessons are taught at The Piano Studio in Tel Aviv.

For further information, please contact us at: or 0504-774664