If you were looking for online teaching, you should know it’s easier than ever!

 The internet is packed with programs and you could easily get your way with the program called zoom. All we need is a computer/phone , most of them are having an inline dedicated camera attached to them, the piano lesson is set in advance and you will get a code and connect to a lessons , for the next 45-60 minutes you will be presented to an online lesson, connecting with your teacher and engaging in new, fresh and exciting material.

More and more students are getting comfortable with learning from home via the internet, whether by making use of videos or online lessons such as Youtube, or through dedicated websites offering full courses. could help you found a lot of courses, to feat to your background, will it be theoretical course or practical subjects such, mastering scales, harmony, performing a specific piece etc.

Basic sight reading is helpful but not essential.
A knowledge of chords is helpful but not essential.
If you have no prior knowledge of piano you need to be willing to put in lots of practice

A New Way to Learn

Always played by ear? Focusing on reading and being a master in it, is not necessarily what we after, we pay big attention to music done “ by ear” and expanding music terms and  understanding. If you have no prior knowledge you can still follow the lessons!
We will supply you with  exceptional and comprehensive supplementary PDF ebooks that you can print out and set on your piano or keyboard. 

Who this course is for:
Music savvy having passion for music
People who want to play some beautiful jazz/classical music  'by ear'People who are VISUAL learners and open minded